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Finishing your book is within reach. 

You've tried writing it on your own and just can't gain traction. The 3-month Writer's Accountability Group will give you the encouragement and support you need to write your book now.

The next session starts May 1st.

Registration is only open for a limited time!


How it works...

Accelerate your writing using these steps:



Schedule your writing sessions each week.



Post your schedule in the Facebook group.



Write during your scheduled writing sessions.



Tell the group about your progress each week so we can celebrate with you! 

Here's everything you get...

Real-time accountability

The Happy Self-Publisher has partnered with Focusmate to bring you a system for real-time accountability. Focusmate is a unique online platform used for focused writing in short bursts.

#MondayMotivation Emails

Quick shots of inspiration to start your week off right.

Group encouragement

Engage in a private Facebook Group with fellow writers to give and receive encouragement from each other, plus our crew of ambassadors and writing gurus.

Writing Goals Worksheet

To set a course for success and keep you on track, we've included a Writing Goals and Wordtracker Worksheet.

Writing Resources Library

We’ll keep you on track with a library of articles, videos, and podcasts that you can peruse at your leisure to enhance and guide your experience.

Open Mic Night Opportunities

Read your work in front of a supportive group of writers to get more exposure and feedback. Learn from listening to others read their work.

Accountability Calls

Each month, you’ll have access to a group Zoom session to share your victories with the group, to give support to fellow writers and foster connections within the community. You might even win some prizes! It’s a full interactive event.

Critiques and Editing

You’ll have opportunities to sign up for critiques, editing, and coaching on fiction and nonfiction work during the program at an additional fee. It’s an optional service for writer’s who want to know if they are on the right track.

Networking Opportunities

Nothing is more important to your book's success than readers to read and review it. Gather and connect with other writers so you don't have to travel the road alone.

This group is for you if...


If you want to write a book (or more poetry, blogs, or short stories), this group is here to help you succeed.


We're here to support you wherever you are on your journey.


It's your dream, we're here to help you make it. No egos included.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I have to be on Facebook to participate?

To gain the full benefit of the program, you’ll want to participate in the Facebook group. It’s the power of the group that creates the turbo boost to your writing.

Do I have to share my writing?

No. You won’t share your writing in the Facebook group. You’ll have the opportunity to read your writing during the open mic nights, but participation is not required.

Do I have to use Focusmate to schedule my writing time?

No. You can schedule time on your own if you are more comfortable. But you may want to try it first to find out if it’s right for you. Personally, I think it’s about the best tool I’ve used to keep me focused and on task. That’s why I’ve incorporated it into this program. You’ll be paired with a member of our group or, if none are available, a member of the Focusmate community. The participation bonus is only for writers using Focusmate along with Facebook group participation, but you’ll still benefit from the accountability and community aspect of the WAG program.

How often do I need to post to the Facebook group?

We recommend you post your writing schedule once a week and post at least one other time each week to share your progress and cheer on another writer. We’d love to have you participate more and as soon as you finish a writing session so you can feel the double rush of endorphins associated with your big accomplishment. It will reinforce the positive feedback loop to keep you pushing for more! 


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Participation bonus!

Because we want you to succeed, you can earn $30 back!

Just schedule and participate in an average of 3 sessions per week over the 3 months, post your schedule, your progress, and at least one comment to another writer each week in the Facebook group, and you’ll receive $30 cashback at the end of the 3-month session. OR, you can receive a $45 credit toward the next 3-month WAG cohort. Money back in your pocket just for showing up!

WOW! And, you will have made GIANT leaps in your writing progress.

Give yourself the gift of time. Your writing deserves this!

YOU deserve this!

Why would someone pay a membership fee to write a book?

If you write consistently and thrive writing on your own, this may not be as useful to you. BUT if writing a book is a dream, and you can't seem to make time or find the motivation, this program, our group, may be just what you need to start AND finish your book.

How great is that going to feel?

Find your power faster. Become a member.

A monthly membership may be exactly what you need to take control of your writing.


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